About Me

Hello I just want to introduce myself and give you a little background of why I love doing what I do.

My Name is Shirlene, I started crafting in 2005. I started with designing and making my own jewelry and of course I love jewelry especially bracelets, it was love at first sight when it came to making jewelry. I was making jewelry for myself, my 2 daughters, family and friends, I even tried to make jewelry for my husband but he was not having it, he said “I am not a jewelry person”. Then I thought I can do this for anyone who appreciate handmade jewelry like myself, it was fun and I enjoyed being able to create something that I did. So, a year or so passed by, I open my first online shop on ETSY and I love it and still do it until this day. I have done so many crafting projects for family and friends from making invitations for birthdays to weddings, planning parties and many other things.

I have always wanted to make t-shirts, so I invested in my first printing machine which was the Yudu Personal Screen Printer many years ago, I am not sure if they still make it or not, but I am sure that many crafters remember this machine. It was huge and it was blue and white, I always wonder if there was a better way, it took a lot of ink, special paper and you had to have a lot of patience I must say. So, I decided to stop and just continue with what I was doing with my jewelry and other crafting projects.

I thought about doing t-shirts again back in 2020 but make it my business not just a hobby, then Covid hit it was a scary time for us all especially when things start to shut down, we were limited to going out of our own homes and more. Also, my husband and I found out in 2021 that he had a brain tumor. I thought this was just too much to handle at this time since I was also still doing my handmade jewelry. But I start thinking! A light turned on in my head! and I said why not, I can do this, I am strong, I knew I had to keep myself busy and to help me cope with dealing with my husband medical condition. I love t-shirts with unique and inspiring things on them, I enjoy making shirts, it’s fun, therapeutic and I enjoy putting smiles on people’s face and my grand-kids kept me motivated because I was always making shirts for them, oh and may I add I also work a full-time job as well. So, with that being said, here I am and S & M Unique Shirts, LLC came alive and I owe all the glory to God for seeing my family through and yes there were lots of bumps on the way and God guided me through it all.

I thank you all and hope you keep coming to support my small business.